Monday, December 11, 2017

Closed Circuit Television System (IP-CCTV)

             System Description

The Closed Circuit Television System (IP CCTV) is intended for security and operational automated visual surveillance .The IP CCTV system shall have the capability for alarm notification, recording video and data for indoor and outdoor areas.

The system shall be based on digital high performance IP cameras which will transmit the digital video images thorough the Converged LAN to be received by the Video Servers which shall manage and control the system. Through the LAN, authorized persons can access the system to view the images of specific camera/s, control it and retrieve recorded material from many different points through the building. Persons with suitable authority can control and program the system through the LAN from any location inside the building. Video Signals coming from cameras shall be routed via the data switches to which cameras are connected to the converged LAN backbone.

CCTV Cameras Coverage Areas:
As a general rule each installed CCTV camera is required to achieve one of the following typesof the camera views according to its installed location:
·         Identification View:
It is the ability to identify any unknown individual for the first time in a view where his body is displayed on 120% of the monitor screen.

·         Recognition View:
It is the ability to distinguish a known individual from other known individuals in a view where his body is displayed on 50% of the monitor screen.
·         Detection View:
It is the ability to detect any moving object/body on the screen and recognize the body in a view where it is displayed on 10% of the monitor screen.

·         Monitoring View:
It is the ability to monitor general activities in a view where anybody is displayed on 5% of the monitorscreen.

                 Fixed Color CCTV cameras will be installed at the following areas:

·         All entries to the establishment (to provide Identification View);
·         All reception and information desks (to provide Recognition view);
·         All lift lobbies at all floors (to provide Recognition View);
·         All ATM areas and public phone areas;
·         All staircases and escalators;
·         All emergency staircase doors on all floors;
·         All entry/exit points to the establishment and parking areas (to provide License Plate View);
·         All loading and offloading areas (to provide Detection View);
·         All vehicle drop off areas (to provide Detection View);
·         Jewellery shops and valuables shops, court lobbies or walkways.

           In addition to above covered areas Fixed and/or PTZ color cameras will be              installed at the following areas:

·         Fixed cameras in car parking areas (PTZ Cameras to be used for Operational requirements);
·         Fixed cameras in lobby areas;
·         Fixed cameras in LPG cylinder areas;
·         Fixed Cameras in Garbage areas;
·         Externally mounted PTZ cameras on the perimeter of the building to cover all exits.
·         Fixed cameras at car park entrances and exits supported vehicle license plate recognition software.
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