Wednesday, October 19, 2016

IP CCTV System

IP CCTV ( Closed Circuit TeleVision )System
IP based Closed Circuit Television System (IP CCTV) shall be used to allow the monitoring of defined areas inside buildings In addition to direct monitoring of video imagery by staff, software applications are available to assist the operators and help reduce operator numbers. Indoor color HD IP CCTV cameras shall be used transmit video images using TCP/IP protocols.Network Video Recorder with intrusion detection and detection analysis be used with a powerful search engine to ensure that images not only are stored for an appropriate amount of time, but events can be utilized also.

 IP CCTV system Components:
-            Network Digital Video Recorders with motion detection system 
-            Indoor and outdoor HD IP Cameras 
-            PTZ IP CCTV color camera system 
-            Color LCD (LED) Monitors Cables and wiring

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