Friday, December 3, 2021

for water and waste water treatment plants projects

 1-Project Managers civil and mechanical based in Assuit, Minya, Sohag , and Alexandria.

2- Construction Managers Mechanical and civil based in
Assuit,Minya,Sohag,and Alexandria.
3 Senior Civil Site Engineers based in Assuit, Minya, Sohag,and Alexandria.
4. Mechanical Design Engineers based in cairo.
5. Electrial Design Engineers based in cairo.
6- Cost Control & Planning Engineers based in Cairo and upper Egypt.
7- Survayors based in Assuit, Minya, Sohag, and Alexandria.
8- Time Keepers based in Cairo, Alexandria, Minya , and Assuit.
All the above positions require experience in the same field. #construction #hiring #projectManager #designengineer #planning #mechanical #projectmanagers
# Time keeper # Cost Control

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